Aircraft trading since 1993. Sell your aircraft or buy planes that fit your company’s needs. Ferry flights to and from destinations around the globe and check rides round off our service profile.
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We - that is Klaus Kühl (owner and founder of K-aircraft Jets & Props), Martin Kühl (son, student: aircraft- & flight-engineering, PPL, ATP in preparation, freelancer at K-aircraft Jets & Props), Marion Becker (accounting service).
Klaus Kühl (pilot since 1988, in the aircraft trade since 1993) worked after his pilot training in the aircraft trade among others at Ruschmeyer Aircraft Production KG and Hanseatische Luftwerft GmbH (Beech dealer). In August 2003, he founded K-aircraft Jets & Props. The name primarily stands for professional service in the field of aircraft sales, and Klaus Kühl also offers his comprehensive know-how as a pilot, flight instructor and examiner.
With currently over 350 aircraft sold worldwide and over 7000 flying hours, you can rely on our experience in the trade and in flying!
We - that also stands for service and advice! We are glad to be there for you:
-if you want to sell your aircraft or are looking for an aircraft
-if you need a pilot or inspector
-if you want to transfer an aircraft

Klaus Kühl

Klaus Kühl: Founder & Owner of K-aircraft Jets & Props

"The airplane has unveiled for us the true face of the earth." Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, 1939
For me it all started in Kiel - my birthplace - where I began my flying career. My passion became my life and now it takes place all over the world. Not only am I an active pilot with over 7000 flight hours (ATPL) but I am also a flight instructor and examiner. I worked in the aircraft trade for a long time and have combined both with my self-employment and the founding of K-aircraft Jets and Props: flying and selling aircraft. It's gorgeous that my son Martin is also following in my footsteps and is on board!

Martin Kühl

Martin Kühl, Son, Freelancer

Flying is much more than an activity to get from A to B quickly. For me, it's a privilege that represents boundless freedom, technological progress and an international community of enthusiastic aviators.
I also sat in the cockpit during my school years and soon used my gliding and powered flight experience as a basis for my further career. In the meantime, I am studying Aircraft and Flight Engineering and am taking on a variety of tasks at K-Aircraft. Among other things, I accompany international ferry flights or photograph aircraft for sales. In addition to my work at K-Aircraft, I am completing a modular ATPL training.


Melanie Bestle, assistant


For a long time, I have been fascinated by how airplanes fly and the power they must possess to gracefully take off into the sky. It's truly amazing how even the most unassuming "aerodynamic bodies" manage to find their way into the air. Aside from the technical aspect, aviation brings the world closer together, connecting people and cultures from one end of the Earth to the other.

It is precisely for this reason that I am thrilled to be part of the k-aircraft team as an assistant. On one hand, I can broaden my technical knowledge in the realm of "aviation fascination," and on the other hand, I can expand my cultural horizons by interacting with individuals from diverse backgrounds.

In short, I am ready for take-off!

Marion Becker

Marion Becker, Buchhaltung

Around the world ! From the beginning, I was fascinated by the huge map in the office where you can follow Mr Kühl's flight routes. I have been a member of the office crew at k-aircraft since 2006 and do all the down-to-earth accounting work. It is always exciting to gain an insight into the many different tasks and activities related to flying and aircraft. I am very happy to support this great team, in which everyone can rely on each other 100%.

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